SANYE DEMURE  demure |diˈmyo͝or|

Sanyae Demure is the shopping destination for women with bold and daring style.  As the founder and CEO of  Sanyae Demure, Sahar Amiry is the creative visionary, to a line that sees no boundaries and limitations to who can  wear her designs. Sanyae Demure represents sexy and conservative all in the same breath. The line is made to  make women feel sexy, confident, and comfortable.  Sahar Amiry set out on a mission to create a collection of  clothing specifically catered to women searching for the perfect blend of fashion-forward, comfort, quality, and  sexy.  Each piece is specially designed to look both sophisticated and sexy, while allowing women to maintain their  modesty, but yet versatile enough to transform the clothes into something more sexy or demure. By combining  floor length hemlines with high slits, and long sleeve bodices with plunging necklines, each piece has a unique style  with opulent and luxurious detail emphasized in its design. The provocative playful designs have no boundaries or  limits. It is really for “every” woman. It’s time we indulge and embrace our curves and wear clothes that make us  “feel”. Whatever that may be for the woman of today. This line embodies a sexy attitude and confidence.  All pieces are made from high quality and lavish fabrics combining different textures and embellishments, creating  unique and original looks. From chic chiffon, to leather and lace trimmings, and even glimmering gold chains, these  clothes evoke confidence, sophistication, and sexiness. All clothes are made in Los Angeles to support locally  produced fashion and ensure maximum quality, rather than outsourcing overseas.   
 Be Confident, Be Sexy, Be Demure!